What is a floor girl? (2023)

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What is a floor girl?

: a girl or woman especially in the needle trades to run errands and do odd jobs about a shop.

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What does flooring mean in slang?

to surprise or confuse someone so much that they are unable to think what to say or do next: I didn't know what to say - I was completely floored. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Surprising and shocking.

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What is a floor boy?

noun. : a boy employed in a business concern to do errands and miscellaneous jobs.

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What is the meaning of floor job?

[ flawr-wurk, flohr- ] show ipa. nounDance. a sequence of exercises done at the beginning of a class or before a performance in sitting and supine positions on the floor in order to stretch and warm up the body.

What is floor meaning for kids?

1. : the level base of a room. 2. a. : the lower inside surface of a hollow structure (such as a cave or bodily part)

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What do you call a floor person?

floorperson (plural floorpeople or floorpersons) The person who works the floor (deals with customers), a floor manager. A floorman or floorwoman in a casino.

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What are flooring people called?

Flooring contractors are who you would consider a “flooring specialist”—and who would typically hire to install your flooring. A certified flooring contractor can be trusted to remove, install and repair any kind of flooring you may need.

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What is a wee boy?

Britannica Dictionary definition of WEE. chiefly Scotland + Ireland. : very small or very young. He's just a wee lad.

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Who is floor man?

The Floorman is responsible for safely and efficiently assisting the Driller by performing manual labor tasks to support the drilling operations. Job Responsibilities: Assist drillers in making pipe connection. Supervise mixing off all drilling fluids.

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What does give him the floor mean?

verb. To give permission or time to speak at a public meeting.


What do floor people do?

Performing clean-up duties, which include sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors as well as polishing counters and fixtures.

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What is a floor attendant?

In retail, floor attendants answer questions about products and handle customer sales in a retail store. Resorts and other tourist attractions have floor attendants to greet guests and ensure the guests are satisfied with their visit.

What is a floor girl? (2023)
What is floor pay?

A minimum rate of pay below which earnings cannot fall.

What is floor in psychology?

the situation in which a large proportion of participants perform very poorly on a task or other evaluative measure, thus skewing the distribution of scores and making it impossible to differentiate among the many individuals at that low level.

What is called floor?

The levels of a building are often referred to as floors, although sometimes referred to as storeys. Floors typically consist of a subfloor for support and a floor covering used to give a good walking surface. In modern buildings the subfloor often has electrical wiring, plumbing, and other services built in.

Who is a floor worker?

Floor layers/workers install carpeting, hardwood flooring, soft tiles and linoleum-type products made of vinyl and rubber for interior systems. They cut, fit and install hardwood flooring and various types of underlayment to ensure smooth, level surfaces for the finished floor.

What do Americans call floors?

In American English, the floor which is level with the ground is called the first floor, the floor above it is the second floor, and so on.

What kind of name is floor?

English: habitational name from a place in Northamptonshire called Flore (or Floore) from Old English flōr(e) 'floor' probably with reference to a tessellated pavement now lost. Dutch: from a short form of the personal name Florens or Floris from Latin Florentius see Florence .

What is the synonym of floors?

synonyms for floor

On this page you'll find 105 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to floor, such as: basement, canvas, carpet, deck, flooring, and ground.

What are the three types of floors?

Mud Floor - Earthen flooring commonly also knows as Adobe flooring is made of dirt, raw earth along with other unworked ground materials. Brick flooring is a type of flooring where the floor is topped with bricks. Tile floor is the floor which is topped with tiles.

What is slang for mopping the floor?

(slang) To trounce or defeat thoroughly or in a humiliating manner.

What does thirsty boy mean?

Thirsty is usually used in a contemptuous manner to describe someone who is desperate for attention, especially sexual attention, Similar to the slang expression simp, thirsty implies that someone will debase himself/herself to gain another's attention.

What is a dry boy?

Dry Guy: A male who does not require lubrication to climax during the act of self-gratification. In fact, they often prefer their stimulation that way.

What is a wee Jessie?

In England, 'Jessie' means: a wimp or a wuss. “Ach, away ya big jessie. It's only a wee knife that spider's carryin'.”

What does a floorman do on a rig?

Perform maintenance and repairs on rig equipment as directed by the Driller. Work on the rig floor during tripping operations as directed by the Driller. Operate pipe handling equipment on the drilling location. Maintain good housekeeping on the drilling location to include rig components, offices and accommodations.

Is a floorman a roughneck?

A floorman, also commonly referred to as a roughneck, operates a range of equipment involved in the drilling operations. He is commonly employed by either a petroleum production company or a drilling and well service contractor. A female floorman is called a floorwoman.

What are the duties of a rig man?

Assists the well operator in rigging up and rigging down, pulling and laying down rods, tubing, casing and other functions. Being a Floorman may be required to work the derrick or operate the rig if needed. May require a high school diploma or its equivalent. Additionally, Floorman typically reports to a supervisor.

What does you floor me mean?

"Floors me" is a colloquial expression that means to surprise or shock someone greatly.

What does I got the floor mean?

Definition of 'have the floor'

If someone has the floor, they are the person who is speaking in a debate or discussion. Since I have the floor for the moment, I want to go back to a previous point. See full dictionary entry for floor.

What does getting the floor mean?

If you take the floor, you start speaking in a debate or discussion. If you are given the floor, you are allowed to do this.

Why do people like being on the floor?

Other people like to sit on the floor due to its purported benefits. The practice is said to improve flexibility and mobility, as it allows you to actively stretch your lower body. It's also thought to promote natural stabilization of your core muscles.

Why do people like living on the top floor?

Buying a house on the top floor will ensure your privacy and security. The lower floor receives more traffic than the top floors. While the top floors mostly remain isolated, there is serenity, and a less noisy environment prevails there. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while living on a higher floor.

Why is floor important?

Flooring is a crucial part of any interior design and can easily make or break your space. While our first interaction with a space is visual, the first physical contact a person will have with your space is the flooring. It serves as a foundation to your design and can ultimately impact its overall success.

What does a floor person do in retail?

As a sales floor associate, you're in charge of providing a good customer experience and more. Your job duties typically focus on customer service, like assisting people in the store with products or orders, but may also include janitorial work, sales, and stocking.

What is the role of a floor attendant?

Floor Attendant Duties and Responsibilities:

Cleans guest rooms according to the procedure. Ensures that guest preferences are met all the time. Picks up a service area, pantry, corridors and exit stairwells on a regular basis. Keeps the service area, pantry and trolleys clean and tidy.

What is a floor assistant?

Floor assistants work with the floor manager on a studio production, to help them run the studio floor and make sure the rehearsals and programme recording go smoothly. They do a similar role on an outside broadcast, helping the floor manager at the location, whether that be a football stadium, field or cathedral.

What is a minimum wage floor?

Well, the minimum wage is a price floor. The minimum wage is a price below which you cannot sell labor, and the suppliers of labor exceed the buyers of labor. So it's not surprising that a minimum wage is often politically successful.

What are floor level employees?

Floor staff members perform catering and bussing tasks, aiding hosts or waiters in delivering outstanding client care to clients.

What does floor mean in retail?

(Retail: Store fixtures and layout) The shop floor is the area of a store that is accessible by the public, excluding storerooms, stockrooms, and offices. The shop floor is the location in a retail store where goods are displayed and sales transactions take place.

What does floored mean in love?

1. Shocked or flabbergasted. I was completely floored by Rob's declaration of love—I had no idea he felt that way about me! 2. slang Struck and knocked to the floor.

What does flooring it mean in a car?

To floor a car means to completely press the accelerator (gas) pedal.

How do you use the word flooring?

Flooring Sentence Examples. The room was chilly, the marble flooring freezing. Its nails clicked on the hard flooring.

What do you call flooring on a roll?

Sheet vinyl is flooring that comes on big rolls like carpet does.

What happens when you floor it?

RAY: The reason it's bad is that when you floor the gas pedal, you start a chain reaction that slams one expensive component into the next. The pistons slam the connecting rods. The connecting rods slam against the crankshaft. The crankshaft slams the transmission.

What does four on the floor mean car?

Definition of 'four-on-the-floor'

1. a four-speed manual transmission having the gearshift set into the floor. adjective. 2. of or pertaining to such a transmission.

What is the symbol for flooring?

In mathematics and computer science, the floor function is the function that takes as input a real number x, and gives as output the greatest integer less than or equal to x, denoted ⌊x⌋ or floor(x). Similarly, the ceiling function maps x to the least integer greater than or equal to x, denoted ⌈x⌉ or ceil(x).

What is the verb for floor?

floor verb (HIT)

to hit someone and cause them to fall: He was floored with a single punch to the head.

What part of speech is floors?

floor (noun) floor (verb) flooring (noun) floor–length (adjective)

What is the edge of flooring called?

The bevel is usually indicative of the edges of vinyl or hardwood flooring. It means there are grooves at the borders between the planks. But the bevels can also be present at individual tiles. Typically, the edge has a 45-degree cut on each tile.

What are floor strips called?

Usually called seam binders, these wide (about 5 inches) transition strips are flat strips of hardwood with beveled edges, used to bridge two wood floors of equal heights.


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